How Are We Different?

SPRT RehabOther PT
I Come To You! You Go To Them
One on One Treatment

Usually Only 15 Min

With PT

No Insurance Visit Limits

Insurance Caps Number

of Visits

Get Better Faster, 

1-2x Per Week 

And Less Total Visits

Usually 2-3x/Week

SPRT Rehab provides one-on-one physical therapy in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Since I come to you, you save time and money.  I get clients better faster by listening to what they want, by providing ASTYM instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, hands-on manual therapy, supervised innovative exercise, and education on wellness. 

In many traditional physical therapy clinics, most patients only receive 10-15 minutes of 1-on-1 time with their PT and often perform the majority of their exercises on their own. Due to changing reimbursement, physical therapy clinics are being forced to see more patients, leading to less time with each individual patient. Often patients spend months in physical therapy, going several times a week and sometimes incur large bills afterwards if the insurance company limits clinic.

When you consider the rising costs of copays and deductibles and a reduction of personal treatment, the amount of money people spend often does not match up with the quality of care and amount of time with their therapist that they should receive.